Monday, March 7, 2016


2014 was a good year, I think.
It is hard to remember all the (small) good things because often we are so challenged with just staying afloat in a sea of busyness.

I'll enjoyed picking the photos for this post because it made me remember.

Scruffy fluffy Cleo. 

Spring 2014. Mika posing for the next post on Instagram.

Easter cake

First born calf. A new life is always magical

Spring walk with Cleo

 So pretty!

May 2014 - first BBQ of the season with friends

Getting into shape!

Bought them on the market

More quality time with Cleo, she had just turned 13.

I bought a boat! YEAH :)

Me and my mother. June 2014

Visiting me for the first time in Sweden, my mom and her partner.
...celebrating Midsommer together.

I started fishing in 2014.... My first Zander. 

A nice little perch. Very tasty fish! 

 It's really not so much about catching fish.... 

Picknick on shore

20014. It was an AMAZING mushroom year! 

Picking mushrooms is more fun then cleaning them! LOL

My first visit in Austria in over 6 years. 
My brother and my mom. October 2014

With my mom and my brothers family. 

My dad <3 p="">

December 2014. Christmas party with my coworkers.  The Swedes know how to party, believe me!!! 

I love all my coworkers. They make the good days at work even brighter and the bad days easier.

Dec 2014. My most favorite visitors. Cleo and Aaron <3 p="">

Up next ...2015



  1. Love seeing the photos, the one of Cleo in the flowers is simply stunning beyond words!

    1. Thank you Val, Cleo was very photogenic indeed HAHA


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