Sunday, January 2, 2011

Expedition "Ice and more on Furuboda beach"

Because I had to work on New Year's Day we went for a New Year's Walk on the beach today.
The weather couldn't have been more gorgeous.

We didn't bring Cleo this time, but I had walked a nice neighborhood - round with her in the morning though.

Since we walk the dogs separately so often during the week, Aaron seemed to enjoy the fact that I was coming along this time. He kept circling and inviting me to play with him.
Unfortunately he has problems with his right front leg, seems to have injured himself while playing in the snow about a week ago, or so.
Although it doesn't keep him from doing all the things he loves to do, we try to protect him a little by keeping him on the leash.
Aaron, just 8 more days until his 1st birthday! :)

The scenery along the shoreline was just gorgeous and fascinating at the same time.
Sea water, sand, snow and ice.
Beautifully shaped by the changing tides, temperatures below zero and gusting winds.

Already on the way back we spotted a group of Swans (Mute Swan/Höckerschwan/Cygnus olor) flying by. Two adults leading the way for their 4 kids...

Another dream couple (also Mute Swans) came by just before we left the beach, as a New Year's FIRST BONUS! :)

I named this last photograph "the dream couple".

May they fly together in harmony forever!

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  1. What wonderful images! Happy Birthday to Aaron in a few days. We will probably be at sea so I won't be able to get in to see if he has a birthday party or image posted. ;)

  2. Lois, thank you for the pre-birthday wishes... We will see what we can do about he birthday party - post and potential images. ;-)
    Have fun at sea!

  3. Beautiful photo of the "Dream couple", are they snow Geese?
    The photo of the birthday boy isn't too shabby either.
    Nice post ... beautiful new year walk.

  4. Hard to believe Aaron will be a year old!! Guess I'll be saying that next October when Cooper turns 1 - can't imagine him one - he is such a scallywag pup! Aarom is so pretty! Beautiful head. Lovely photos!! ...debbie

  5. @ MJ

    The birds in the photos are all "Mute Swans" and are native in Europe. Apparently they are the largest birds of the "Duck Family". According to they are also native in Asia and North Africa. And some live, as an introduced species, in North America, Australia and South Africa.
    The name "mute" derives from it being less vocal then other Swan species...
    In German it is called "Höcker-schwan" because it has a "nob" on top of his "nose".


  6. What beautiful shots of the seashore. What an interesting place.

    Happy Birthday to Aaron...he has grown into one handsome fella.

  7. How beautiful your ocean looks. And so very different than ours. I can't imagine snow on the beach.
    Happy Birthday to Aaron, how quickly time goes.

    Just lovely photos Michela, Happy New Year to you!

  8. Aaron is just beautiful. I hope by now his leg is OK or back to normal. You have some very nice photos published in this post. We are in the middle of winter over here and covered with snow that has been here most of this winter season. It warms up to about 27º like this morning but then turns colder pretty quick.

  9. Carolyn in ColoradoApril 15, 2011 at 4:21 AM

    Gorgeous dog! Did you take all those photos with your iPhone? You are so talented however you shot them!
    We saw our first pasque flowers here on Monday, snow last night, so needed the moisture!


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