Sunday, January 2, 2011

A thought on New Year's Eve fireworks

We (humans) love nature.

We go "green" to protect her.

We love to watch the wildlife that lives around us in the woods and fields.

We put out bird feeders in the winter to provide our birds with food.

We love our animals, the ones that live in our houses, in our stables.

We care for them every day, make sure they feel secure and safe.

But only for one day of the year, for one night


We start a big, noisy FIREWORK!

Because it is something everyone else does.

For a few hours of the year it's okay to think

only about US,

waste money,

pollute the environment


scare the shit out of every precious living being around us.


You wanna know how we (me and Hasi and our animals) spent the first few minutes of 2011?

We were in laying in bed, listening to worried, barking dogs for 15 minutes....

Cleo was a bit scared, and Aaron was barking, trying to protect his family, trying desperately to scare "them" off!

And I am sure that our cats (which we kept inside that night) had worried faces as well as they were hiding under the sofa.




  1. We had 10 minutes fireworks here, all relaxed...we were really happy with this.

    In the area you Live, Its horrible :(


  2. Hi,

    I lost my connection while writing a comment so if this shows up twice, I'm sorry.

    I just have to say AMEN to your post. We moved to another house 31 years ago to get away from kids who threw fireworks into our fenced yard and thought it was funny when our Princess I and Princess II (both German Shepherds) ran in fear. They also thought it was pretty funny that our toddlers ran toward what they (the older kids) threw into the yard, then cried (my toddlers) when the firecrackers exploded. I can only imagine what would have happened if my kids had picked up the fireworks just before the explosion. When contacted, the parents of the offending kids said I was too protective. Damned right I was!

    Here's to a calm and happy new year!

  3. Sorry to hear you had such a noisy New Years Eve. We live far from any large town (23 miles) so our nights are fairly quiet except a few people who buy them and set them off. At least it's just one night. Thank heavens!! Hope you both have a really good 2011....debbie


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