Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Update on Aaron

We had a big storm coming through last night, and it is still blowing hard outside (9am).
The weather has been quite good those last few weeks. We had warmer temperatures, some rain - who helped get rid of all the snow and ice and in between some sunshine. 

We are already in the second week of february and it's been a while since my last entry, hasn't it. 

Aaron's injure in his front leg (we suspect he had a over-streched muscle or ligament around his elbow) has healed and he is moving normally again. We had it checked out at the vet and he gave some pain-killers and some anti-inflammatory drug. Keeping him on the leash for more then two weeks might have helped as well even though it was very frustrating for him not to be able to run, jump and stretch as usual.
But he got through it and all the efforts payed off at the end. 

And because we wanted to know for sure that everything was fine we decided to let them x-ray his elbows together with his hips (that has to be done anyways after the dog turns one).
Last week we got the results and it all turned out to be perfect. 
Aaron's hips and elbows are all fine! 

Here's his certificate:

So now he can play and run and jump again like a young dog is supposed to. 
Nothing is nicer then to know that your Shepherd is fine in his joints!!! :))
Right Aaron!?



  1. Yeah! I'm glad his hips are fine. Hip Dysplasia used to be rampant in the German Shepherds. My poor Sudsy had it...by the time she was 8 it was quite painful for her.

    p.s. I LOVE that photo of his big, beautiful face! I could just give him a kiss on top of his head! He makes me think of my Sudsy (who died back in '87).

  2. Happy to hear Aaron is in tip top shape. He's really a beautiful young man!! Cooper has blown his puppy coat and looks quite pathetic. His teeth are coming out and new ones in! Tomorrow he will be 4 mo old. Growing fast and putting on much needed weight finally!! I wondered what happened to you all. Busy I guess. Was glad to see your post and the wonderful photos of Aaron...debbie

  3. Happy Boy! So glad to hear that he has good hips and can now be back running and playing. What a handsome, happy boy!!

  4. Grattis till Aarons toppen röntgenresultat. Nu är det snart min tur att ligga på bordet. Hoppas det blir lika bra resultat!

    En riktigt blöt puss på nosen till snygge Aaron från syster Aksa med matte

  5. Awww, my pal, Aaron! I am so glad to hear he is well and that all his joints are in good shape. Our shepherds had problems with their hips and it was very painful for them. Aaron is such a doll! You've taken some great portraits of him. :)


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