Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Spring always gives me hope!

Spring is my most favorit time of the year. 
And so is summer, and autumn..... and winter. ..No, not winter HAHA ;) 
Well, sometimes, under perfect conditions it is... 
Like.. snow on the ground, temperatures just below zero and sunshine on a mostly blue sky. Then, and only then I love winter :) 
Summer is wonderful too, I love all the wildflowers and how happy folks are when it is warm and sunny. 
Autumn has it's magical moments as well, the feeling one gets when everything in nature goes to rest, preparing for the most quiet time of the year. It is kinda peaceful when you take a walk through the woods on a foggy morning, foliage slowly falling from the trees... and all the colors! The colors are just gorgeous. 
But if I really had to choose a favorit time of the year it would be spring. 
Spring is magical. In all ways. 
Nature awakens, the colors of the first flowers and the time when every tree and bush turns green...! 
Migrating birds in the skies above, songbirds sitting up on the branches singing the most beautiful tunes they know.... cranes dancing their love dance on the soon to be green meadows. 
Folks take their patio furniture out of storage and start up their grills... yes they do that here in Sweden really early!! 
Yes, spring is wonderful and honestly, I cannot get enough of it. 
I feel like a child sometimes waiting for christmas. 
I feel so hopeful for the future. 
It's like a new beginning, a new chance to do things better this year, to make the most of living and enjoying all the seasons and what they have to offer. 
There's hope for more sunshine in all our lives and to have more time to be spent with friends and family. Hope to get myself to exercise more, to spend more quiet quality time in nature, to eat healthy and live a healthier life style and to take more photographs...

Life is good in spring! 

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  1. I too love spring! We are having a slow go of it, but hope to get with the program soon.


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