Friday, April 15, 2016

My patience is being tested

It is cold outside!
Windy! And rainy!
Yes, we have sunshine coming through every now and then and that is nice! BUT I REALLY want it to be warmer now... !!!
This is the weather forecast for the next ten days, and unfortunately it will kinda stay the same for a while longer.
It is still too cold to sit and have a nice cup of coffee outside. (10 ℃ is 50 ℉)
That is really a bummer!!!

I'd so much like to continue with my gardening projects.
Yesterday afternoon, while it was nice and warm out back for about one hour,  I managed to set up a pallet and get it ready for planting some flowers (or maybe it will be strawberries) later on.
I found this idea on Pinterest and had to give it a try.

On the bright side.... it's actually "good" that the weather is like it is, and that I can't do much in the garden right now, cause the truth is, I can't do much anyways. Since about two weeks back I've been having a terrible backache and that keeps me not only from going to work, it keeps me also from doing fun stuff. Well, complaining doesn't help so I'll keep thinking "that too shall pass"! :D

Yesterday I finally got the canvas I ordered last week. It looks kinda small on the big wall but I am really happy with the quality of it. It shows a photograph I took last year while I visited my friends MJ and Toma in the US.
They live in Colorado and MJ took me on a road trip to Utah to go see the Arches in Arches NP. We also drove up to Dead Horse Point State Park where we overlooked a breathtaking scenery which reminded me a lot of the Grand Canyon.

The wild flowers in the following photo are called "vitsippor" and they are the very first wildflowers to grow in spring. And I am lucky, I have them in my back yard as well :D

Here's one more photo of my little "gardening-helper" Mausi, now seven months old. No one is more excited then she is when I am outside doing stuff! So curious and cute!

Have a good Friday everyone!

/Michaela :)

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