Friday, March 14, 2014

Not much blogging going on.

Yes, it's been a while since my last post.
Someone said not too long ago "I miss your blog".
I miss it too.
It was fun sharing our everyday life and meeting all of the other bloggers who I used to "visit" every day  -and they'd visit back.
Good times.

But life has changed quite a bit. Working full time and long working days, that is how my life looks like mostly. In my free time I have acquired a new hobby.
I work with leather.
I make wristbands, belts, dog collars and quivers for horseback archery.
It is still a hobby, but I hope that it will become a hobby with an extra income. My dream/goal is that I can do less of what I do for a living right now and do more leatherwork.

I just started to put together a homepage where I present my produkts, but it is a long way from finished.
The homepage runs with WordPress and it includes a blogg section.
I have no idea how active I will be there and what kind of things I will be sharing - probably just things about my leatherwork. I guess.

the address is

just in case someone wants to check it out ;)

Well, other then that... what is there to report from Sweden?

We had a mild winter here in south Sweden, not much snow at all, but we had many grey and rainy days in exchange. I would have really preferred snow and sunshine...
But then we were surprised that spring decided to spoil us really early this year, about two weeks ago the first cranes arrived and one week prior we were happy to see flocks of geese heading north.
Really early!!!!
But I guess they know what they are doing those birds.
This past week we have been enjoying lots of sunshine - and that was really needed after all those grey months with little daylight.
Sure, there is still always that chance that we could get some snow, but hey, we've come that far so we just keep being positive and are enjoying the longer days.

Soon my break is over, only a few more hours to go here then I'll go home and get lots of needed rest this weekend. And I'll be doing some leatherwork.
Because it's fun :)

Hej så länge,



  1. I did miss you! So glad to see you again!

    1. Thank you Val, very kind of you! :)

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