Thursday, March 20, 2014

No prediction can ever be a 100 %

I didn't believe in the weather forecast from the beginning. They said we will get snow in the weekend, it will get nasty. Sure, we had nasty gusty winds, trees fell at lots of places, but hey, we also had lots of sunshine during the weekend. :)
Cleo and I went for walks on saturday and had a good time. The photo was taken on another occasion when it was a bit colder though ;) 

Aaron is also doing fine. He's a grown up dog now and he recently got a grown up collar - which I made myself :D 

And then, of course I spent time with my two wonderful cats Missy Lou and Mika. 
They love to cuddle and just hang out with me in my leather workshop. 

And last but not least, here's some of the work I did in the weekend. 
I started a few new wristbands, they all still need a coat of finish and the snaps need to be attached. And with the two with the punched holes will have to attach some synthetic stones. Cool stuff. 
And! The best thing is that I will soon be selling some of those wristbands in a local country store :D :D 

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