Thursday, April 14, 2011

Södratorp - our new home!


Yes, it's a trailer. A moving trailer... with furniture in it!
We'll be moving soon, we are actually already in the middle of it. 
We found a great house, bigger then the one we are living in now, much cheeper in rent, recently renovated and surrounded by gorgeous nature! 
We started renting the new place from 1st of April, but will be living in our current home here in Åhus until end of April. 
The advantage of that is that we are having a whole month to move the entire household and personal effects - piece by piece almost, meaning trailer by trailer. 
Our future home is located about 2 hours north of here, so we are mostly using weekends and time off work to drive back and forth, with the trailer hooked up to the car.

Last weekend we made our 5th trip AND stayed overnight for the first time. It was a great weekend! 
Very good friends of ours helped us to build a fence around the back yard... too keep the dogs IN and the moose, rabbits etc. OUT...
We are not done yet, but we got really far! :)

We worked hard all day, but as you can see we didn't forget to rest in between! :)

Aaron has a new girl-friend... Her name is Bessy and she got the most beautiful brown eyes you can imagine - no wonder that Aaron fell for her in a heart-beat! 

After a round of playing Aaron got to "cool off" in the back of the car and Cleo and Bessy teamed up for a round through the yard - searching for rodents. 
The "ladies" at work! :))

And in the following photo you see Cleo thinking...
"are they REALLY building a fence here??? How can I get to the rodents if they build a fence?? Those humans... they don't get it, do they!!"

We'll be driving up again on Saturday and spend the weekend there. It feels really like going away on vacation for a weekend, the scenery is beautiful and !!! - it's really quiet there, almost no traffic.
All you hear when you wake up in the morning are the singing birds!
HEAVEN :)))))

Space to be, Space to breath and feel alive even more :) be continued!


  1. How wonderful! I am sure you will enjoy your new home where you all have so much room to roam and nature to enjoy. I'm so happy for you all!


  2. Heel veel succes en sterkte bij de verhuizing!! Wel erg leuk een groter huis....maar veel werk.

  3. I realize how much I miss you all... crying a bit... But SO happy at the same time for all <3<3<3

  4. I hope you enjoy your new home. It sounds like you'll have lots of room!

  5. What a great looking home!! The yard looks wonderful for the dogs!! Arron's girlfriend does have very pretty brown eyes for sure!! You must be out in the country! Can't beat that!! ...debbie

  6. LOOKING GOOD!!!!!
    I'm so glad to hear that you have been able to move little-by-little. It will also make a better transition for the dogs! It will not be such a shock to suddenly be in a NEW place. And like I said .....

  7. How exciting for you! I hope it is everything you've dreamed of.

    Emma Rose

  8. Wow!! How exciting! It looks like a little slice of Heaven... Good luck with the rest of the move!!

  9. What a great house and location! How big is the yard? I wish you lots of happy moments in your new home!!!

    Lots of early-spring smiles (it's still freezing here at night) from the Yukon - all is good here :)


  10. It's been my lifelong dream to move to the country. You guys are fulfilling it, haha. That's really nice, a farm house is the next best thing to a beach house. I hope you share the pictures of your finished house.


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