Sunday, April 17, 2011

Feeling right at home!

We spent our second weekend on Södratorp. We went up north (again with a full trailer attached to the back of the car) Saturday morning (and got back this afternoon). 
Saturday the sun was shining at first, but then the wind picked up and a lot of clouds showed up on the sky. 
It was rather chilly when we continued to work on the fence and later in the evening it even started raining a bit. 

We went to bed early and the night was calm and silent. We all slept like babies, the dogs are adjusting really well to the new home. 
We are thankful to have the chance to introduce them to new place gradually. 
(The cats will not get so lucky, but we'll do anything to make the transition as easy as possible for them.)
The first weekend we stayed overnight Cleo was still acting like "when are we going back home folks?"
This weekend she was already more settled and started to play on her own in the living room while we were sitting at the dining table in the kitchen. 

Aaron found a plastic cup in the yard today and was playing all enthusiastic with it.
He acts like a clown when he gets the chance to put his teeth into one of those...

And Cleo enjoyed the sun, she (the sun) showed up again after lunch today.

It's nice to be able to REALLY live in the country again after two years in a rather noisy environment. When I walked with Cleo this morning I only heard birds sing, and the church bells rang down in the village - I realized that I hadn't heard church bells for a very long time!

We don't live far away from the village here, but I never heard the church bells. I wonder if it is the traffic noise  that we have gotten so used to hear all day, a noise that tends to superimpose itself on everything else.... I definitely prefer church bells and singing birds, let me tell you that :)

One of our new neighbors came by to extend a very warm welcome to us, in her hands she had a beautiful bunch of tulips! Look!

She told us that they are originally from Denmark and that they work there, but they come to Sweden/their house here every Thursday and stay until Sunday... all year around. So practically, they live one half week in Denmark and the other half in Sweden!
Well, "it's only about one and a half hours drive" she said. That's really not much, I agree, but I don't know if I would do that every week. Anyhow, we are looking forward to get to know all our neighbors.
Two more weeks!



  1. It all looks so wonderful! Being out in the country has to be great. The dogs sure look happy. Cleo is darling and that Aaron guy sure is special. ;)


  2. I figure when kitty cat realizes the dog are ok with the new house, he'll be just fine. He'll love all the animals he'll be able to eat!! The tulips are so pretty! ...debbie

  3. The photo of Cleo reminds me of some of the older photos of her back in Austria. She really is a country girl ... glad that she can spread her little wings and chase a few rodents, like before. I'm very happy for all of you!!! Sounds and looks like a good place to call home.

  4. Beautiful - welcome to your new home :)

  5. Hallo Freunde,
    wie wir sehen habt Ihr euch in der neuen Umgebung schon gut eingelebt. Wir wünschen euch viel Spaß in eurem neuen Haus.
    Liebe Grüße von Manfred und Zilli.

  6. Welcome to your new home! I hope it is all you wanted it to be...


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