Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring won't be long in coming

It's about time! That's what most people say, and they are right. 
It's time for spring. 
And it's coming, slowly. :)

Everything looks still kinda asleep, not much color around. 
I am lingering after the smell of fresh, green grass, foliage and spring flowers.

But it will come. Soon! :)

I have posted a couple of new (or better recent) images on my photo only blog - just in case you would like to check them out. 
I haven't been out much with my camera during this winter. But hey, everyone needs to rest from time to time, right. 
Or do other things.



  1. We're still buried in snow here. It did get up to 46 today and with that temperature came the wind. But it was warmer, and we'll take it. Nice flight shot in your header.

  2. It looks like Aaron is busy looking for signs of Spring. ;)

  3. I sure would love to have spring here!...
    Aaron looks handsome as ever!

  4. No melting at all here yet but there are predictions that it will be near the freezing mark next week--of course the weathermen are often completely off the mark.

  5. Our snow is gone. I think until this late fall we should not have to worry about more snow this year. I spent some time today watching the Dog Whisperer doing some of his magic with different dogs. I have always been fascinated by dogs and wish I had a new one to fit in the family. I vowed the next stray that comes around is going to be mine. My wife doesn't want to go through the "separation" thing again and I don't either but at our age maybe we wouldn't anyway. lol


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