Sunday, March 27, 2011

Another week in photos

The week started out with nice weather, we got a REAL first taste of spring!
Thank you for that, it was REALLY needed! :)

Both Dogs are taking a nap while we watch the F1 GP Melbourne.
Aaron and Cleo are collecting energy for the walks later on.
This is Aaron, napping on my legs right now, and the photo beneath shows Cleo on her favorite pillow right beside me...

Earlier this week we went for a walk on the beach near Furuboda. That is one of the few places where Aaron is able to run free, without a leash. And as you can see, he enjoys it very much.

This is the bow of an old fisher boat, just in case you wonder...

Beneath, one of many returning eurasian cranes -  he's preparing for landing on a big field.
In the background one of many modern windmills of this area.

Life isn't a good one without a proper lunch break!
If you ever decide to come to this area, you should definitely check out the little town called Sölvesborg. And when you go there you should plan a lunch-break at the "coffeehouse" right in the center of it.
A great place to relax, eat a nice salad or pasta, and drink a fantastic cup of coffee or tea...

The area offers great trails for hiking and biking.
There is always a motive for you to discover if you happen to have a camera with you (even if it is just a simple camera like the one of your mobile phone - my iPhone in this case...).

And when you feel like a nice cafe latte after you've done some food shopping, you just sit down and give in to your cravings right there in the grocery store;-)

Last but not least I'll post a "mystery photo"
More about that in the near future...

I wish you all a fantastic spring sunday!

"All through the long winter, I dream of my garden. On the first day of spring, I dig my fingers deep into the soft earth. I can feel its energy, and my spirits soar.!
by Helen Heyes


  1. What a great post! Lovely places to visit, yummy food, and, best of all, an update on your dogs. That Aaron has snuggled right into my heart. He so reminds me of the Shepherds I have had through the years. The image of him running free at the beach is perfect for framing. Cleo is a little darling. :)


  2. I agree with Lois ... a wonderful post. I can feel your new found energy. Doesn't a hint of sunshine make the world seem new and invigorating? AND I love your sleeping dog photos! Can't wait to visit and go for lunch and a little walk someday! Hugs.


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