Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A wednesday in October



Autumnal feelings. 

A sea of colors.

Going outside and take a deep breath!

It was a gorgeous day, once the sun was out it warmed up quickly.

The nights are getting colder, the soapstone fireplace gets fired up every day now and it really warms up the entire house nicely.

It's cosy, not just inside. It might seem strange to some of you if I use the word COSY in the same sentence as FALL.

Autumn is a cosy time of the year where everything in nature prepares for a deep and long winter dormancy.

And guess what, the first time in my life it feels like that to me.
For the first time in my life I don't mind the fog, I don't mind the foliage to change color before it comes all down onto the soil, only to become one with it at some point.

The sunsets are especially cosy. It was especially quiet in the forrest today, no wind. Magical.

There are still some birds visiting / living in and around our yard.

We see sparrows, titmice, robins, treecreepers, black billed magpies and...

Jaybirds collecting acorns, what else!

MIKA is spending much time outside. Sometimes he tries to sneak up on the birds but they know exactly where he is and do not take him very seriously.
Even though his teeth look very impressive, don't they!

"ROAR" !!!!!!!!!!


  1. Beautifully posted Michi! Your world is turning such pretty colors right now. I think that you have had colder weather than we have here, our leaves are just starting to change to yellows and golds. AND Mika does look ferocious!!!

  2. Lovely thoughts and images. I love the last picture. What a ferocious beast! ;)

  3. Beauty and the beast in this post!!! Love that Mika!!! And your photos are absolutely exquisite!!! You brought me HUGE smiles with this post!!! Love it!!! Have a wonderful week! ~Janine XO

  4. What light, what color! Great pictures.

  5. MIKA has very impressive teeth!
    I'd say this is beautiful. Our Fall has tried to pass us by, so quickly, so fleeting.

    Have a great week!

  6. That Jay is beautiful...not at all like the ones I used to see.

  7. Your header is so inviting...if I follow the trail...where does it lead?

  8. @ Carol

    Haha! If you follow the trail, you will soon find a small forrest glade, very inviting to sit down on a trunk and have a little picnic, maybe...


    Glad you found your way to my blog, thanks for commenting Carol!

  9. Hello, Michaela!!! So nice to see you!!! Hope you have a wonderful week, too!! ~Janine XO

  10. the eichelhaeher (your jay) is my favorite bird overall in germany. mostly because they're rare, shy, and lovely. i wish i could encourage more of them to live in our yard. back home, the jays have dark, cobalt blue bodies and black faces, stunningly gorgeous, but they're basically crows. but they're so pretty we fed them peanuts every day anyway. they also mimic other birds, and learn to cry like hawks. i wonder if the eichelhaeher mimics as well?!?

    (i just looked at wiki and it said that my jay is called a "stellar's jay." i love the eichelhaeher more simply because they're elusive and a really special sight!)

    you've helped me with my birds before, and i wonder if you can help me with my "upside down bird" that comes to my feeder every day. he is grey with a tan belly, and sleek, streamlined and long, but as small as a sparrow. he is almost always upside down, and loves to hammer sunflower seeds into the bark of the tree, like a squirrel hiding something for later. i cannot imagine why. ideas?


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