Sunday, October 24, 2010

Easy blogging

I haven't been very motivated or inspired to blog lately.
And I still feel not much motivation or inspiration today.
Let's see if I can put something nice together anyways...

The weather hasn't exactly been inviting to take the camera for walks either...
One morning past week I took this photo of our car, through the living room window.
It had been raining and a layer of ice was covering the car, a thin layer of snow on top.
Our first snow this year.

This week we've had everything from warm and sunny hours to heavy rain and ice showers.
Real april weather in october.

I put out some bird feeders and I have to say the birds really appreciate that already.
They act as they didn't have food for months!

While the horses in the neighborhood eat this years last grass, they wear either thick blankets or a thick self made coat, like these brood mares who have been separated from their foals just recently.

The house we live in is usually very privacy shielded.
The entire garden is surrounded by trees and shrubbery and that makes the house practically invisible from all directions. But now it's the time where all the foliage ends up on the ground and the house becomes more an more visible.

Here some more impressions from the backyard...

As I already said at the beginning of this post, I am not very motivated to blog right now.
I don't really want to take a real break from blogging either.
So I will continue to practice a form of EASY BLOGGING.
Feels good, no pressure and no must.
Easy blogging feels good!



  1. I understand! I am taking a break from posting and it's as difficult as weaning a baby.

    I am just so tired lately.

    Maybe we both will get our second wind.

  2. Well, gee, for easy blogging it certainly is quite lovely. I just love your pics and your new header is terrific!

  3. Good Grief. you seemed motivated to me! That was a great post! Enjoyed the fact that you had your first snow, and loved the horse pictures and the yard photos! The header is beautiful. Love that.
    It should be in a magazine, or have a poem written under it in a book. Ya' done good Girl!!!...debbie

  4. ...loved the post...any post with a horse in it is a good post! Also, beautiful nature scenes. Snow already........oh boy!

  5. Easy blogging.... sounds perfect to me! The less complicated the better. When I read that some people spend HOURS composing posts and then edit, edit, and edit some more, I can't help but think I'd last all of two days if that were my approach to my blog. Many, many days I just throw whatever up there, and you know what? It's always 'enough.' It's MY blog. :c)


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