Monday, June 20, 2011

What a beautiful summer! Part 2

Småland is a province in southern Sweden, which is divided into three counties.
Size: 29.400 km².
The highest summit in Småland measures only 377 m above sea level.
There are a lot of beautiful lakes in the area and forrest covers about 50 % of Småland's surface which makes it a perfect home for all sorts of wildlife.

IKEA was founded in the Småland city of Älmhult, not too far from where we live.

And! It's a wildflower paradise!

The province has it's own provincial flower, the Twinflower.
Unfortunately I haven't had the chance to see one yet... so this is a borrowed image ;-)

Photo source is Wikipedia


  1. Beautiful photos of those delicate flowers! Interesting about IKEA...they've come a long ways from the first site!

  2. oh how beautiful, i like the last photo, i can see the green open fields! your wildflowers are gorgeous. love ikea too!


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