Saturday, December 18, 2010

Snow Snow Snow

I wonder how this post will look like - it is the first time I use my iPad for blogging.
The typing is of course asking a little bit patience, it takes quite a bit longer when using only 4-5 fingers then 10 as I usually would on my laptop.
But it works and I will get better at it as I go along. Other then that - the iPad is really a very nice mobile companion! :)

Winter still has a firm grip on us, on the entire country and many other parts of Europe. Even those who are not used to so much snow and the temperatures under zero this time a year.
Being on the road every day in all that snow and ice is challenging. Road conditions change day by day from icy to snowy and icy to snowy and so on. And right when you think the worst is over and they managed to clear and salt the roads, it's starting to snow again.
Like right now. 10 to 20 cm of new snow is expected today. And the wind does it's best to make sure to move as much of it as possible onto the roads :)
I didn't get to finish my post the other day.
Saturday evening it is and we did get more snow. And it has been snowing a bit every day, all week long.
And I have to say I don't mind.
It's beautiful out in the woods, and the birds empty the feeders in just one and a half days... Here they sit in the tree and wait for the feeders to be filled up again.

We found a dead buzzard in our backyard this morning, natural selection I guess. The winter is hard on the wildlife, especially on the young and weak.
After all, no one in this area seems to be used to this kind of weather, the south part of Sweden is usually blessed with mild winters.

Well, it is at it is.
I like the sound the snow makes under my boots when it is cold.

Crunch crunch crunch....


- Posted from my iPad


  1. Hi,

    Yes, it seems your new iPad is doing quite well for you to post. At least it looks good from here.

    Our birds sit in the trees and wait for more food when the feeders are empty, too. When I come outside with food they all start singing. They are at the feeders before I can even get back in the house. I love it!

    Stay warm,

  2. Don't know if my comment got through!! So will try again... This photo of the birds is absolutely extraordinary!!! I love it!!! So gorgeous!! Just here because you've been in my thoughts! And I want to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas!! Love, Janine XO

  3. I wish you a Christmas filled with much peace and happiness


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